Kickstart and safeguard your IFRS17 implementation project

ifb group launches second wave of standardization for FPSL and IFRS17 projects

We are proud to run the majority of mature FPSL IFRS17 projects worldwide, all of them using our specialized implementation approach. Building on this experience we created standard content for the main deliverables of our approach:

  • standardized best practice use cases which cover a majority of all functionalities required to comply with IFRS17
  • hands-on material such as documentation, pre-configuration and test data to visualize the requirements and include end-to-end scenarios for L&H, P&C and reinsurance and all measurement models (GMM, PAA, VFA)
  • standard data model and interface model

With this standardized content project steps can be shortened substantially. In addition to that, since the deliverables have already been approved in real projects the risk of not being compliant with IFRS 17 is strongly reduced.

Please reach out to Kai-Oliver Klauck orJulian Schweizer to find out more.