ifb Packaged Solution for Flexible Financial Instruments Accounting

ifb’s Industrialized, Modular Approach to Rapidly Establish SAP FPSL 

Our Packaged Solution for Flexible Financial Instruments Accounting provides a pre-configured SAP S/4HANA for financial products subledger (FPSL) solution for financial instruments based on best practices and ready-to-use data and accounting definition sheets. At the same time, it allows a modular packaging of all content, including an associated, adjusted pricing to provide you with maximum flexibility when it comes to realizing FPSL.

Common Challenges

Common Challenges

Financial subledger implementations of the past not seldom turned out to be cost intensive endeavors. By aiming at strengthening the integrity of financial information within an organization, their implementation often brought to light the fragmented nature of data households and unavoidably led to cumbersome and time-consuming alignment and cleansing activities. Although many organizations took action and started looking into the modernization of their finance architecture, the issue is still widely spread and requires pragmatic, yet sustainable, resolution approaches.

We believe that all such approaches need to be adaptive in the sense that one needs to stay in control of the change process and the budget at all times while never having to compromise on quality. Flexibility is therefore key in establishing a multifunctional financial subledger and this is why “Modularity” is at the heart of our Packaged Solution.

Core Offering and Optional Extensions

Core Offering and Optional Extensions

The Packaged Solution for Flexible Financial Instruments Accounting is a modular service and content offering. 

Accelerated Delivery of a Data Driven Subledger 

Delivery accelerators for a data driven subledger form the basis of our packaged offering. This solution is best suited if either postings are already generated by third-party subledger applications and the main goal is to consolidate them in one central landing zone or if valuation results (like amortized cost) can be supplied by some calculation kernels. After provisioning of all relevant information our Packaged Solution will help enriching the accounting content, including GL account derivations and FX re-valuations. Customers further benefit from state-of-the-art data management techniques (e.g. versioning and validation) based on SAP's superior HANA technology. 

Valuation Extension

The valuation extension allows customers to measure financial instruments within FPSL. This is mostly based on contractual cash flows and follows the guidelines of IFRS or best practices in cases the former do not exist.

Impairment Extension

Finally, the impairment extension provides an FPSL-based assessment and accounting of expected credit losses based on contractual or expected cash flows. Apart from providing a proven content for the topics above the Packaged Solution creates opportunities to combine these contents with the main steering dimensions of every subledger project: the products, the legal entities (accounting units), the source systems (provisioning units) and the relevant accounting principles (regulatory units). Individual combinations can be chosen and implemented in a modular way and with their own timeline and pricing.

Modular Content, Flexible Pricing, Safeguarded Delivery

ifb has designed and implemented SAP Finance and Risk solutions for more than 25 years. The knowledge gained during these years and the lessons learned from a multitude of international projects went into the definition of our Packaged Solution for Flexible Financial Instruments Accounting.

Modular Content: Only choose what serves you best 

No matter which module serves your requirements best you can rest assured that tangible benefits will be created for your organization in due time. Our proven delivery approach leads you through the whole implementation process by providing

  • an accounting framework matrix that clarifies the scope and helps structuring the journey,
  • workshop material for various accounting topics that introduce the need-to-know aspects and raise just the right questions for the project at hand,  
  • pre-defined templates for data and posting structures for SAP S/4HANA Financial Posting Gateway (FPG) and FPSL that accelerate all discussions and alignments from day one, 
  • pre-configured system content that serves as a kick-starter for the realization of the various subledger processes, 
  • ready-made test cases that safeguard the delivery quality from project kick-off to the final go-live, 
  • an operations guide that helps running the subledger processes on a daily basis, including best practices for error handling.

Flexible Pricing: Only pay for what has been achieved

Pricing becomes more transparent than ever with our Packaged Solution approach. Based on the four key implementation metrics for every FPSL/FPG project we jointly agree where our core package appears suitable and where valuation and impairment extensions are needed. Each combination is then individually priced based on a standardized procedure. Such an approach is easy to comprehend and gives the additional flexibility to align the payment schedule to a phased project delivery. You always only pay for what has been achieved.

Safeguarded Delivery: Rely on an unambiguous, systematic approach

The delivery structure of our Packaged Solution can be logically divided into a decision phase and an implementation phase. The decision phase is a pre-project phase in which we jointly reach clarity on the main steering dimensions and their relevancy in view of the overall timeline. Only afterwards will the project be priced and the contractual framework be fixed. In case of a multi-phase approach this is done per individual go-live. This way there is no ambiguity in what is being provided, when, and at which price. 

During the following implementation phase the subledger is technically set up, the content of the Packaged Solution is rolled out and workshops are held to introduce you to the main concepts of FPSL and to identify the gaps between the Packaged Solution content and your individual requirements. In parallel, we study already existing accounting material available in your organization to make optimal re-use of existing knowledge. A backlog is established and worked through to improve the overall subledger solution in an iterative way. 
Finally, our consultants support you with your integration and acceptance testing and safeguard your data take-on process and early production stage.

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Rapidly deploy a subledger for financial instruments without compromising on quality

We are confident that our Packaged Solution offers attractive advantages to our clients and we are eager to discuss more details with you.

ifb's packaged solution provides a pre-configured SAP FPSL solution for Financial Instruments based on ready-to-use data and accounting definition sheets.