Value-Driver-Oriented-Planning (VDOP)

By aligning planning cycles to value drivers and measurable KPI’s, auditability of planning accuracy are visible and help to improve the overall quality of planning processes. By using our VDOP approach, FSI companies can navigate the ‘plan to execution’ dilemma with greater success and ease.

Transparency and quality of your planning process

By identifying key value drivers and streamlining the planning process, FSI organizations can focus on key drivers to optimize its business model. Using sensitivity analysis and approaches from the field of predictive analytics, ifb leverages its learnings to develop a key KPI’s library. Only those relevant to your success are validated and mapped to your business needs. 

They enable you to analyze value drivers for their significance at a Group level, individual business areas or portfolios to integrate them into your existing planning model. By means of targeted integration into management reporting, you strengthen the focus on key drivers and thus set the right control mechanisms. This step is critical for the success of a project, because integration is only meaningful if the connectivity to the reporting system is given, reliable data is available and the analytical impact is considered. By interlinking reporting and the planning processes, you increase traceability and efficiency from the planning stage to your controlling function throughout the year.

Digitization of planning processes

How long does it currently take you to answer questions about your P&L planning? Would you like to modernize your financial controlling and planning processes as part of your digitization strategy? How do you drive the right behavior to reduce planning time?
Based on your critical success criteria, we analyze the essential influencing factors and integrate them into the planning process. We do this jointly by developing a sustainable and integrated planning model that maps all planning components (revenue, cost and risk factors) into a technically consistent manner. 

We take into consideration the data origins (from sales to the consolidated P&L) and integration points delivered in real-time. By leveraging a predefined target architecture, aligned to business functions and non-technical requirements, we rapidly implement our planning models to optimize your existing systems or leverage more modern solutions. 

Manual planning steps, complex IDV landscapes, technical inconsistencies, unhelpful granularities, missing process and data control of planning become a problem of the past.

An integrated View on Value-driver-based Planning

From consulting to implementationon

With 30 years of practical FSI experience in planning projects at banks and insurance companies, we use our REFRAMETM method and IT expertise to enhance or develop planning models of the future. By focusing on your business model, we work with you to determine starting points to increase VDoP in the areas of revenue, cost and risk planning. With pragmatic support in the advancement of conceptual developments, we provide you with professional assistance in the planning architecture, software selection and implementation phases on your innovation journey for planning.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment or assessment with us – whether it be remote or in person.

Simon Valjanow | Director
Philipp Enzinger | Managing Consultant

What effects does digitization have on finance and risk management?
A future-oriented insight and outlook for professionals and experts. Chapter 7 explains more about VALUE-DRIVER-ORIENTED-PLANNING.

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