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Abacus 360

Abacus360 is now available and replaces ABACUS/DaVinci in the reporting systems of banks.

With the Abacus360 Migration Guide, ifb group offers a tool that ensures easy, fast and cost-efficient migration to the upgrade.

BW/4HANA Automated Metadata Integration in SAP PowerDesigner (BAMI)

Your lead with BAMI

Our solution transforms this complex operation into a simple and smooth process. With BAMI, you map the data model automatically in SAP PowerDesigner with just a few clicks. On transforms this complex operation into a simple and smooth process. With BAMI, you map the data model automatically in SAP PowerDesigner with just a few clicks. 

Data Quality Reporting Framework

Transparency, Accelerated Processes and Reliable Data for Trusted Decisions

Our Data Quality Reporting Framework guarantees you sustainable, automated Data Quality Management (DQM) processes, strengthening the trust in your decisions based on valid and timely data. Store and combine your data from various sources in just one repository, easily access all the data quality relevant information! Our solution comes with pre-defined reports and a pre-configured data model speeding up go-live significantly.

Environment, Social & Governance (ESG)
ESG - Sustainability, not only Risk, but also Opportunity!

Our team of experts supports you to understand and measure opportunities and risks in the context of sustainability and to integrate them into your risk management framework and IT applications.

Financial Navigator
ifb's Financial Navigator changes the World of Bank Management - innovative, intuitively in real-time

You will perform compre-hensive projections into the future in real-time, and display the results immedi-ately, based on intuitive charts – even comfortably from your mobile device.

Real Estate Risk

A comprehensive approach to risk management and tools for a modern automation of information processing of unstructured risk information.

Predictive Risk Management
Projection instead of Provisining  – Rethinking Credit Risk

Predicting the development of the risk profile (not to be confused with simply forecasting losses in the coming year) poses challenges for institutions, but means immense benefits for the strategy and management of the organization.

Non Financial Risks (NFR)
Analyze Comprehensively, Communicate Clearly, Manage Centrally 

Based on the ifb model, we support you comprehensively from the analysis of your initial situation up to the comprehensive, networked risk management in all relevant questions:

Reinsurance Risk Services
Ensure your risk management is fit for these challenges!

We provide advice with the leading finance and risk expertise of ifb group and the down-to-earth approach of practitioners who know the insurance sector not only as "outsiders", but from their many years of own experience in leading positions.


The shift to S/4HANA allows companies to streamline business processes, workflows, applications, technical infrastructure. We realize the digital transformation of your company with S/4HANA and make it fit for the future.

Value Driver Oriented Planning (VDOP)

With pragmatic support in the advancement of conceptual developments, we provide you with professional assistance in the planning architecture, software selection and implementation phases.