Customized digitalization strategies for your financial and risk management

Competition, rising costs, demanding regulatory standards and the modernization of outdated IT environments create pressure to change in the financial sector. Sophisticated reporting, harmonized data and data flows, and accelerated processes for mergers and acquisitions, for example, all have to be achieved in ever-shorter cycles. We develop solutions for these challenges. For over 25 years now, our company has stood for excellent consulting for all specialized areas of financial and risk management combined with technology expertise and implementation strength.

We accompany you from concept to implementation with a stable team. Based on a feasibility analysis, we evaluate all factors relevant to your goals, develop an appropriate digitalization strategy, and identify vulnerabilities, optimization potential and costs. The solution offers measurable added value. It transforms the raw data of your operational systems into meaningful indicators and aggregated values for accounting, controlling, risk management or reporting. It takes into account the full range of interdependencies and integration points while ensuring compatibility and standardization of the data landscape. To achieve this, we use the proven standards of renowned partners or our own developments and work with a constant focus on your development. Even if the solution is initially only intended to cover parts of the company, we lay the conceptual foundations for extension and customization.

We can therefore help you tap into the greatest possible standardization and automation potentials and offer you maximum transparency using prototypes as well as demo systems to simulate the functionality of new applications from the beginning of the project.

  • S/4HANA Group Reporting
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • BI & Data Management
    • Our services at a glance
    • We implement integrated consolidated financial statements with S/4HANA for Group Reporting.

      Insurance companies benefit from the advantages of S/4HANA’s integrated architecture. To make the most of these advantages, we support you with a holistic perspective and approach. 

      We see to it that processes and data flow – from the individual financial statements in the general ledger to the consolidated financial statements in S/4HANA for Group Reporting – are designed to achieve an efficient solution across the entire financial statements process.
      We cover both legal and management consolidation as well as regulatory consolidation (e.g. Solvency II). Our focus lies on achieving the optimal integration into the system landscape. We take the entire process into account, from the subledger (e.g. SAP FPSL) to the general ledger in S/4HANA to S/4HANA for Group Reporting.

      During implementation, we consider the various factors involved: the functional requirements as well as the financial processes that require efficient and effective support. By combining specialist expertise and system knowledge, we can develop the right solution for your company’s specific needs.

      Our implementation solutions and services at a glance:

      • Workshops for a detailed analysis of relevant system functions
      • Assessment to evaluate the deployment options in your insurance company
      • Proof of concept to validate the functional scope and the degree of coverage of your requirements
      • System implementation – from conceptual design to go-live and follow-up support
    • Our services at a glance
    • EPM Circle
    • Excellence in planning, reporting and consolidated financial statements

      Recent crises and changes have put the management processes, methods and systems of the financial sector to the test. Against this backdrop, powerful and integrated enterprise performance management (EPM) have become increasingly important. Our solutions cover the entire EPM context from conceptual design to procedural and technical implementation. We take into account all the necessary methods, reporting content, processes and systems to ensure precise analyses and monitoring as well as reliable forecasts and reports. To do this, we integrate all the relevant elements within the framework of a consistent end-to-end view—ranging from strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting to monitoring, analysis and consolidation. Our experienced consultants create a structured reporting design (based on the IBCS) and integrate all functions using advanced EPM applications. In this process, we also draw on the results of our international EPM benchmarking study.

      The EPM solutions we establish are used to analyze and consolidate data from diverse sources and transfer it to a consistent data layer. This provides you with the utmost transparency so that you can initiate necessary measures. Continuous analysis and real-time reviews help you identify risks before they become real problems. We optimize your consolidated financial statements with regard to both content and time by integrating and accelerating the interplay between the required process steps from data acquisition and individual financial statements to consolidation and reporting across all interfaces. With an EPM landscape that has been optimized in this way, you can meet all the requirements for financial reporting that lives up to the highest quality standards even under tremendous time pressure.

      Based on the EPM applications, we implement reporting components for specifically designed for insurance companies (e.g. for Solvency II) and therefore support an integrated reporting architecture as opposed to isolated solutions. We rely on cutting-edge Disclosure Management (DM) applications for reporting, which serve to optimize the workflow, compliance and control throughout the entire reporting process and ensure smooth interactions between company divisions, people and IT systems. We can therefore establish a solid foundation for working according to the principle of a single source of truth - a consistent report version with reliable informative value.

      Our implementation solutions and services at a glance:

      • Consolidation solutions
      • Planning solutions
      • Solution to support the creation of controlling, annual and risk reports
      • Industry-specific reporting solutions for insurance
      • Reporting redesign
    • Our services at a glance
    • We bridge the divide between being able to respond flexibly and ensuring a high level of process stability

      The pressure exercised by regulators on the financial sector and the increasingly volatile market are having a critical impact on data processing by insurance companies. Successfully managing these factors heavily depends on the ability to correctly, fully and rapidly evaluate the relevant information. Enterprise-wide data management is therefore of particular importance in this regard. The strict regulatory requirements require quick responsiveness in external and internal reporting systems to simulate failures or fluctuations in the market with consistent data quality, full traceability and reproducibility of the results.

      Our strength consists of transforming this conflict between flexibility and stable processes into agile enterprise-wide data management. After developing a tailor-made functional concept and the derived technical objectives, we examine the processes and solutions of your business units to harmonize both with the enterprise architecture. We introduce effective data governance organizations, processes and tools all the way through to selection and implementation of business intelligence platforms. We also support you in all areas of the targeted and efficient use of modeling tools as well as in implementing modern master data solutions.

      Data management, and particularly the provision of metadata, play important roles in the overall data landscape. This applies to data quality management, impact and origin analysis (data lineage), or the ability to put data in the right contexts to provide the best possible support with analysis and interpretation.

      With regard to all of these issues, we provide you implementation expertise and many years of experience with the following solutions:

      • Metadata management & data modeling (including SAP PowerDesigner, Enterprise Architect)
      • Databases (e.g. Oracle, SAP HANA, SAP BW)
      • Data quality (including SAP Information Steward, SAS DataFlux)
      • ETL (including SAP Data Services, Informatica, Oracle)
      • BI/Reporting (including MicroStrategy, SAP BusinessObjects, Oracle BI)

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