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The Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is assigned to the decentralized databases, which do not require a central administration instance to legitiate a transaction for the processing of transactions between network participants. The transaction data for a transaction is stored on each participating node in the network, so that there is a consensus about the truthfulness. Participants within a DLT network have unlimited read and write rights. A distinction is made between "permissioned" and "unpermissioned" Distributed Ledgers when participating within a network. Participants in a "permissioned" DLT-network are unpermissioned and authorized for the network before participating in an exam to ensure a basis of trust. An "unpermissioned" Distributed Ledger network is accessible without restriction. The basis of trust in this network is established through proof-of-work mechanisms. An example of an "unpermissioned" network is the block chain used for transactions of crypto currencies. A storage of transactions in the block chain is subject to specific rules and, after a transaction has been authorized, forms a block that is added to the historized chain of blocks. The DLT opens up a variety of business opportunities for storing internal and external transaction data across company boundaries, e.g. in securities transactions. In order to use the technology to increase turnover and reduce costs in credit institutions, regulatory framework conditions must be defined in cooperation with credit institutions, use cases must be worked out and the system architecture must be adapted for implementation.

Use Case 1 | Distributed Ledger

  • Distributed ledger technology is establishing itself in various forms in the financial system (private and public blockchains, tokenization). 
  • Digital identity management is becoming the basis in customer interaction. 
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