Customer Interface & Customer Channel

A credit institution has a variety of opportunities to interact with the end customer. Through the line offering of digitization, the end customer expects a combination of self-determined interaction possibilities via online portals or mobile applications as well as individual support for his or her concerns. The appearance, the ease of use and the provided functionalities of the digital customer interfaces in combination with the support provided by the classic customer interfaces (e.g. the branch) influence the user experience of the end customer and the perception of a financial institution. The end customer expected a consistent user experience across all customer channels and the provision of an independent service offering. 

In order to provide digital customer channels to the end customer on the one hand and to ensure a consistent customer experience on the other hand, customer-oriented processes must be viewed in their entirety and internal company structures must be aligned with them. In addition to the consideration of the end customer, the customer interface requires an analysis of the bank employees' options for action in order to create concepts for the simplified visualization and instrumentalization of customer data to ensure a uniform customer experience. These measures enable banks to optimize individual customer service in the branch and to enable further support via digital communication channels.

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