The corporate culture of a credit institution represents the values, norms and attitudes lived within its own organization and influences the actions and cooperation of employees across hierarchical levels. The digital transformation promises to meet current and future customer expectations more quickly and easily and to reduce costs in order to work more profitably through the use of new technologies.

A  company-wide internalization of the vision and meaning of a bank's digital agenda requires consistent communication of goals and collaboration with employees to overcome reservations about the opportunities and challenges of digitalization

Use Case 1 | Culture & Mindset

  • How can digitalization not only involve a technical transformation but is also strongly related to a company’s culture?
  • How can alignment between IT and business functions work?
  • How do ideas and a target vision look like to master the transformation journey.
Book Series - Articles

The Digital Journey of Banking and Insurance, Volume I
» Digi-Cultural Mindset

Use Case 2 | Culture & Projects

  • What project culture is needed for the transformation that an organization faces on the journey to become a digital company.
  • Why is it so hard for traditional banks to keep up with their challengers? It is not what they do, it is not the technology they use: it is the way they do it. 

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