Re-Engineering Finance and Risk with Accelerators and Methodologies for the Enterprise

REFRAME™ is our agile and cost effective methodical framework for the analysis, design and optimization of the financial and risk management systems of banks, insurance companies and organizations in other industries. REFRAME™ bundles the expertise, experience and technical skill that we have gained over more than 25 years in a system of customized services and instruments to help you achieve your goals efficiently while also assuring quality. Using REFRAME™, our consultants can draw on a modular set of best-practice models, proven tools and established procedures to develop tailor-made solutions.

At the beginning of a project, we conduct a fit-gap analysis to determine the discrepancies between your current situation and where you aim to be. Based on the results of this analysis, we define the measures required to achieve this vision with the greatest possible cost transparency. Using our REFRAME™ methodology, we create projects that are strictly organized into five staggered phases and an additional phase for Managed Services. These phases form the life cycle of the transformation process from development of the strategy and the basic roadmap, through current state analysis and solution design, to realization and IT implementation. The services, tools and procedures used in each project phase take into account all the relevant variables of your finance and risk architecture, including methods, processes, data, applications, risks and controls, as well as your organization's overall perspective. We ensure the effective operationalization of all measures by performing ongoing quality assurance, which includes verifying the effectiveness of all steps taken toward the defined milestones.

Using this integrated process model, we can generate the utmost potential for you with regard to quality, efficiency and scale, while ensuring the highest level of process compliance. At the same time, we customize each solution to reflect your own preferences, systems and methods.

During transformation and beyond, we can provide you with effective business process outsourcing on request. This can include operation of your non-critical back office processes, setting up a helpdesk and further development of your existing applications.