Re-Engineering Finance and Risk with Accelerators and Methodologies for the Enterprise

REFRAMETM is our holistic, agile consulting approach to financial and management system analysis, design and optimization for banks and insurance companies, as well as organizations in other industries. Using REFRAMETM, we implement end-to-end solutions as well as sub-projects based on standardized best practice procedures and IT tools that include all the essential aspects of your company and achieve effective added value for you:


  • A holistic approach for the development and implementation of excellent solutions for finance and risk management
  • Analysis and structuring of complex issues into realizable and measurable results based on an integrated view of the organization
  • Standardized, yet highly flexible approach for end-to-end solutions
  • Best practices for implementing your goals
  • Considers all relevant interfaces and embeds them optimally in the processes and project landscapes
  • Efficient and lean project implementation without resource overhead

Multidimensional, flexible, effective

Many consulting models promise efficiency and best practices, but often consist of one-dimensional schematic approaches. REFRAMETM is unique in its multidimensionality consisting of three coordinated components:

The metamodel of the organization serves as the blueprint

Our metamodel of the organization provides us a full overview of the architectural layers of your company like a blueprint.

This enables us to see the effects of new requirements or projects in all relevant areas and include them in project planning and implementation from the outset.

The repository is a building set consisting of industrialized consulting building blocks

The REFRAMETM repository is our building set, the "database" of the collected knowledge, experience and expertise of the ifb group in the form of industrialized consulting modules.

These building blocks define in detail which procedures and combinations of measures best achieve the result in relation to each architectural layer and project phase. 

The 6-phase model of project management

We use REFRAMETM to design projects in clearly-defined six phases that cover all aspects of changing and running the business. Five phases comprise the whole life cycle of comprehensive optimization and transformation processes (change). In a sixth phase, we also offer you the option of effective managed services (run). Therefore, you can be certain that our solutions cover all aspects relevant to your success and make the best use of their potential.