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Financial services organizations are spending as much as 75% t of their change budgets, and increasingly more of their operational budgets, on the increased cost of regulatory compliance.

The effects of these increased requirements have limited most banks to responding only to existing and impending demands. Despite insights gained from coping with and managing regulatory change, most banks still lack a holistic framework or methodology to respond to these regulatory issues. Instead, banks take a reactive approach to regulatory response. As regulators continue to increase their scrutiny of banks, monetary fines - imposed as a result of enforcement action - are growing exponentially.

However, economic change and technology advances are aligning to give banks an opportunity to step back and take a longer-term, more proactive approach that optimizes their efforts in governance, risk and compliance and actually generates business value. Due to the complexity of their application landscapes, banks have difficulty in analyzing and transforming their organizations. Reducing the complexity of the current IT landscape and optimizing traditional data sources is an overarching priority that is within our services and outsourcing models. ifb delivers managed solutions that help our clients anticipate and respond to regulatory obligations while releasing valuable resources and budget so they can focus on their business growth activities.

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    • Profit from flexibly available individual support and tailored expertise

      Given the specialized technology required and the unique process competence necessary to support your SAP implementation, we have the right experts for you at hand. When you partner with us for support, we provide professional coordination and a single point of contact. We pinpoint all operational requirements and quickly identify the right expert consultants for your needs, drawing on our global permanent up-to-date pool of specialists. These experts are a perfect match for your needs, with the detailed knowledge and experience you require. We send you the profiles of potential candidates, including a detailed assessment how they fit to your project and how they can help you achieve your goals. This is typically based on our extensive previous working relationship with both our customers and team members.

      We deliver Operational Resiliency through:

      • Enhancing your business agility by quickly responding to bottlenecks
      • Boosting the efficiency with which you complete your necessary updates
      • Lowering your costs by answering your entire personnel needs through a pool of expert resources
    • Our services at a glance
    • Focus on your own growth while we ensure accurate on-time reporting

      ifb is transforming risk management in the financial sector by offering an advanced operating model that allows our financial services customers to focus on business growth activities. CROs and senior risk executives are being challenged to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment. ifb’s Requlatory Reporting as a Service offering tackles three levers of operating transformation, including technology, process reengineering and advanced data platform structures.

      Regulatory Reporting as a Service benefits include:

      • The RaaS data model is industry proven and accounts for 95% of all financial products and their lifecycles
      • Preconfigured content and processes to consume data from the platform layer to populate the FED templates and generate XML
      • Agile Reporting Solutions for multiple audiences beyond FED regulatory reporting submission
      • Improve process efficiency and adherence to Dodd-Frank compliance standards and Basel with minimal risks while increasing Return on Assets by shifting or reducing LCR/2052a/b reporting FTE
      • Eliminate cumbersome data collection and classification work through the RaaS dynamic updates in accordance constant regulatory changes
      • Application enables What-if Analysis on market and behavioral factors
      • In-Memory platform enables intraday processing of large data volumes at an atomic level of granularity
      • Accelerate transformations through our proven LRM and Regulatory Roadmaps
      • Iterative risk reporting transitions to RaaS will drive down CAPEX and establish a scalable foundation for advanced risk operating models
      • Reduce the cost of liquidity risk software ownership by eliminating dedicated staff run and maintain software and business rules
    • Our services at a glance
    • Concentrate on the important things while our experts take care of the rest

      Our customers and their finance departments are responsible for providing timely and accurate financial information including regulatory reporting, protecting company assets, and ensuring compliance with applicable tax laws. ifb’s Application Managed Services (AMS) allows your company the ability to focus on these important functions, while ifb expertly supports your environment with seasoned professionals who have consistently executed and delivered in the industry. With a proven reputation to implement complex applications, ifb provides managed services allowing your focus to remain on the customer. ifb will provide the skill, resources and account support ensuring a seamless support model.

      Benefits of Application Management Services include:

      • Global supply of experts – utilize economies of scale, leverage expert resources who are current in both the technology and your business
      • Reduction of costs - reduction of expenses and containment of costs
      • Increased agility and quality – increased service quality by driving standardized processes while allowing for flexibility when needed to support the business