Industry Expertise - Banks

Shape the future with consistency and dynamics

The market environment of banks is extremely dynamic. New entrants like FinTechs are creating more intense competition structures, while customers are seeking increasingly sophisticated services. The dynamic nature of this industry paired with increasing regulatory requirements, rising costs and digitalization are forcing banks to make fundamental changes. These changes also affect the financial and risk management systems with all their functionalities across entire enterprises.

As a specialized international consulting firm, we develop forward-looking solutions to handle these complex tasks. Our consultants are experienced experts in the banking industry specialized in the specific issues of accounting, controlling, risk management, regulatory law and compliance. They combine cutting-edge knowledge with a strong commitment to putting solutions into practice through to actual implementation of the appropriate applications. We work together with you to develop clearly defined target structures and roadmaps from overly complex situations and achieve measurable results with the highest possible degree of cost transparency.

Our methodological framework, REFRAME™, bundles best-practice approaches, proven tools and established procedures in all phases of our consulting and transformation projects. This guarantees efficient project management and lastingly effective solutions when working with ifb worldwide.

As an authentic partner with integrity, we help you equip your organization to use change as an opportunity and proactively manage risks from the business model through to digitalization. In doing so, we constantly think beyond your current situation and ensure your entire organization's ability to adapt in a flexible, future-oriented and sustainable way.