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Banks are having to invest in adaptation projects in increasingly shorter cycles to keep pace with current developments. These are stress tests that tie up valuable resources. The required changes have an impact on the strategy and business model as well as the data architecture and organization as a whole. To sustainably meet these challenges, we provide you with strategic and operational support in establishing a flexible, scalable, transparent and integrated financial and risk architecture with an optimal cost-benefit ratio - both at the group level and in individual business units. The ifb group embodies unique market expertise paired with proven methodical competence and experience.

We connect your financial and risk management systems with corporate management and the IT processes that feed consistent data into the organization in real-time for realistic profitability analyses, sustainable decisions and future-oriented strategies.

In doing so, we fully map the interactions between reporting, processes, organization and IT systems with a holistic view of enterprise performance management (EPM) and reporting. Our EPM concepts therefore provide an integrated end-to-end view from strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, monitoring and analysis to legal consolidation.

As a result, our solutions help you achieve much more efficient processes, so that you can smoothly manage your day-to-day business, identify and plan your future potentials based on yield aspects, and proactively circumvent risks.

  • Financial Accounting
  • Controlling
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    • Implementation solutions
    • Accounting functionality across company divisions with a comprehensive data platform

      The growing complexity and IT dependency of the banking business paired with increasing competition and new regulations require effective management strategies in the area of accounting as well. We provide you with support in this regard in all the relevant fields of accounting and related areas according to your needs and objectives. We develop solutions to meet today's requirements including implementation of national accounting standards according to HGB or US GAAP and international standards according to IFRS as well as rapid adaptation to new regulations. Other focus areas of our consulting services include:

      • Fair value measurement
      • Effective interest rate calculation
      • Amortized cost calculation
      • Accrual and deferral calculation
      • Hedge accounting and valuation units
      • Impairment and risk provisioning

      Our consulting and concepts are based on in-depth expertise in these specialized subject areas and many years of experience in the industry. In addition to specialized consulting services, we provide a holistic approach with regard to the interdependencies between accounting, reporting, risk management and yield management to equip your organization for today's challenges across business units based on an integrated data architecture. This includes development of a strategy tailored to your business model, which incorporates the design of structures and processes as well as the IT applications customized for this purpose. We thus lay the foundations throughout the company for the timely collection and processing of data - often from a heterogeneous information system landscape - and the evaluation of this data in the appropriate interpretation frameworks. This provides an IT-assisted financial and risk architecture with a consistent data platform, which fully optimizes your accounting system's functionality.

    • We manage transformation processes through to full implementation. In the area of accounting, we draw on a wide range of applications from renowned partner companies as well as our own industry-specific developments: 

      • SAP Bank Analyzer AFI (Accounting for Financial Instruments)
      • SAP S/4HANA for Financial Products Subledger (FPSL)
      • SAP S/4HANA Finance
      • SAP S/4HANA Group Reporting
      • SAP BPC und FC for Planning and Consolidation
      • SAP Disclosure Management and SAP BI Reporting Solutions
      • SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning and Reporting
      • SAP Profitability and Performance Management (PaPM) for use in an SAP HANA Architecture
      • SAP Financial Services Data Management / Platform (FSDM/FSDP)
      • SAP BW/4HANA
      • Tagetik CPM
      • Tagetik Consolidation
      • Tagetik CDM (Collaborative Disclosure Management)
      • Tagetik Planning
      • Tagetik Reporting on HANA
    • Our services at a glance
    • Implementation solutions
    • Integrated competency in business line management, planning, profitability analysis and reporting

      Banks are faced with decreasing yield potential due to low interest rates in the capital market and new competitors. The industry is currently characterized by the search for innovative business models, sales strategies and ways to cut costs. Assessment of strategic decisions with comprehensive transparency, in terms of profitability and cost, has therefore become essential and controlling has become a basic key function. With our in-depth controlling expertise and broad financial know-how, we help you guarantee this function.

      We provide you with consulting pertaining to specific individual issues and help you navigate through customized transformation projects through to system implementation. In this process, we develop comprehensive and fully integrated solutions that ensure an optimal exchange of information between all stakeholders through to top management. Instead of data silos and isolated solutions, we create a consistent method and data platform as well as a sustainable process architecture. We harmonize your internal control processes with the external result view of accounting and embed them in an integrated system together with corporate planning and cost control. You can therefore quickly meet the rapidly increasing need for information and achieve an efficient foundation for reporting, planning and profitability analysis.

      Our services at a glance:

      • In the area of yield management, we provide you support with profitability analysis and earnings allocation, integration of accounting in the business line view and in the calculation of product profitability. Using scenario development and analysis, we create effective foundations for assessing plans of action.
      • We optimize planning and reporting by further developing planning models and streamlining your planning process and reporting. In addition to this, we provide comprehensive consulting with regard to all current issues, such as risk provisioning in medium-term planning within the IFRS 9 context.
      • With regard to cost management, we work with you to develop optimized cost controlling and provide you support with detailed specialized concepts for performing unit costing and cost allocation. We also accompany you with pragmatic approaches to derive result data, realize cost-reduction potentials and achieve sustainable solutions.

      As a partner at eye-level, we provide you with individual support in developing an optimized business concept for your task profile and then implement this concept in a pragmatic goal-oriented way.

    • We manage transformation processes through to full implementation. In the area of controlling, we draw on in-depth expertise and a wide range of applications from renowned partner companies as well as our own industry-specific developments. These include: 


      • SAP PaPM (Profitability and Performance Management)
      • SAP Bank Analyzer CVPM (Calculation & Valuation Process Management)
      • SAP Bank Analyzer PA (Profitability Analysis)
      • SAP SEM PA (Profit Analyzer)
      • SAP CO (Controlling)
      • SAP BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation)
      • SAP BW (Business Warehouse)
      • SAP BI (Business Intelligence/Reporting)
      • Oracle Hyperion Financial Planning
      • Tagetik planning
      • OKULAR CBS
      • OKULAR DB III-Planer
      • OKULAR KOS