Safeguarding IFRS17 implementation projects – ifb methodology framework REFRAME™ already includes our proven procedure model for IFRS17

REFRAME™ now comes with accelerators for IFRS17 guaranteeing transparent, traceable and efficient projects to cope with the tight and demanding timeline for compliance.

Based on our experiences from numerous projects and hands-on knowledge of finance transformation ifb established its methodological framework named REFRAME.

REFRAME is our holistic consulting services approach to deliver end-to-end Finance and Risk Solutions considering all relevant aspects of the enterprise.

The approach combines tailored industry specific Building Blocks with the extensive expertise of our consultants to address the full spectrum of our clients’ data, processes, organizational and technology needs.

Today, ifb already supports multiple insurance clients (primary and reinsurance) in Europe and North America to implement Subledger Solutions for IFRS17. Based on that experience we were able to add a set of new Building Blocks containing standardized approaches and concrete deliverables to support our clients with the challenges of IFRS17. Thus, we have structured our knowledge and experience and bundled it centrally in our REFRAME Repository.

REFRAME™ Building Blocks are accelerators which create a clear path from planning and business requirements to implementation and go-live ensuring completeness, traceability and efficiency.

Please reach out to us if you want to learn how ifb uses REFRAME™ Building Blocks as accelerators like

  • Topic-Function-Matrix
  • Function-Component-Matrix
  • Use-Case-Matrix
  • Conceptual/Logical Data Model

to kickstart or validate your project and guide you on your IFRS17 journey.

Your contact persons:

  • Dennis Kraetz
  • Robert Dey