Book Release: the impact of digital transformation and fintech on the finance professional

ifb forms and experiences the digital transformation in the financial sector together with their customers.

Volker Liermann and Claus Stegmann, editors of the book “The impact of digital transformation and fintech on the finance professional”, highlight the most important aspects of digitalization, focusing on the financial and risk areas of financial service providers. The twenty articles reflect the experiences and insights of ifb's customers and partners. 

The book "The Impact of Digital Transformation and FinTech on the Finance Professional" was published by palgrave macmillen and:

  • Addresses the key technologies used in digitalization and their impacts to the IT landscape,
  • Gathers the most relevant methods used in the bank management digitalization,
  • Focuses on practical applications and their implementation in a bank environment​,
  • Gives an outlook to the impact digitalization will have in the daily work of a CFO / CRO and a structural influence to the financial management department of a bank.

“This book is must read for financial services professionals, especially CFOs and CROs seeking insights about the impact of digitalization on the finance and risk management functions. The future-oriented outlook and in-depth examples make seemingly complex topics practical and enjoyable.”
—  Georg Bauer, Chairman & Co-Founder, Fair —

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