New ifb group Book Series: “The Digital Journey of Banking and Insurance”

Successfully shaping the digital transformation, now!

Strategies, best practice examples, technologies.

Digitalization - the fourth industrial revolution - is also triggering profound change processes in the finance and insurance industry. In their book series "The Digital Journey of Banking and Insurance," ifb group industry experts Volker Liermann, Partner, and Claus Stegmann, Co-CEO, show how companies can manage the change and turn it into a success story.

"Most of our customers have already embarked on the journey of adapting their structures to the digital age," says Volker Liermann, describing the current situation in the industry. But which drivers should companies focus on, which mistakes should they avoid? Throughout three volumes, business aspects are interwoven in a practice-oriented manner with the consideration of the latest technologies to form a holistic analysis and are made clear with the help of numerous use cases.

"Digital transformation is pushing the boundaries of what is technologically feasible," says co-author Claus Stegmann. But in addition to the obvious issues such as adapting business models, technologies, methods and processes, executives, and employees: inside also need to develop new attitudes and corporate cultures, he explains. However, this aspect in particular is often underestimated. 

The book series is published in English by Palgrave