Maximum performance and consistent process landscapes for functional financial and risk management systems

Many companies are still at the beginning and others are already in the middle of the process of digital transformation. Big Data, Mobile Services, Cloud Computing or Virtual Reality are just some of the disruptive technical developments that no companies can afford to ignore. How, then, can existing or new business processes and models, as well as the development of innovative services and products be mapped and supported using the new digital technologies? What opportunities do they hold for innovation and flexibility?

For 25 years now, we have been assisting companies with our consulting and technology expertise in financial and risk management. We provide you with practical strategies and concepts throughout the entire cycle of digital transformation processes in the area of finance from concept to implementation with a stable team.

Based on a feasibility analysis, we evaluate all relevant factors, develop an appropriate digitalization strategy, and identify vulnerabilities, optimization potential and costs. The solution offers measurable added value. It transforms the raw data of your operational systems into meaningful indicators and aggregated values for accounting, controlling and risk management. Interdependencies and integration points are perfectly mapped, while compatibility and standardization of the data landscape is ensured.

We use proven solutions of renowned partners or our own developments and work with a focus on the future. Even if the solution is initially only intended to cover parts of the company, we lay the conceptual foundations for modular extension. We can therefore help you tap into the greatest possible standardization and automation potentials and offer you maximum transparency using prototypes as well as demo systems to simulate the functionality of new applications.

  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • BI & Data Management
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    • Excellence for planning, consolidation and disclosure management

      Our solutions cover the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) context from conceptual design to technical implementation. We take into account all the necessary methods, reporting content, processes and systems. To do this, we integrate all the relevant aspects within the framework of a consistent end-to-end view-ranging from strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting to monitoring, analysis and consolidation. Our implementation strength is reflected in a structured reporting design (based on the IBCS) and in the integration of all functions using specific EPM applications. The EPM systems we establish are used to analyze and consolidate data from various sources and transfer it to a consistent data layer. Based on the achieved transparency, you can take the appropriate measures early on, while using continuous analysis and real-time reviews to help you identify risks before they become real problems.

      We holistically optimize your consolidated financial statements with regard to both content and time by integrating and accelerating the interplay between the required process steps from data acquisition and individual financial statements to consolidation and reporting across all interfaces. When it comes to reporting, we rely on modern Disclosure Management (DM) applications. They serve to optimize the workflow, compliance and control throughout the entire reporting process and make way for smooth interactions between participating business units, people and the IT systems. We can therefore establish a solid foundation for working according to the principle of a single source of truth - a consistent report version with reliable informative value.

      Our implementation solutions:

      • Consolidation solutions
      • Planning solutions
      • Solution to support the creation of annual reports / Disclosure Management
      • Industry-specific reporting solutions for companies
      • Reporting redesign based on IBCS with manufacturer-specific add-ons
    • Our services at a glance
    • We find the common denominator between flexibility and stable processes

      In light of the dynamic markets, technological advances, new competitive structures and increasing regulatory requirements, the demands with regard to data processing are rapidly growing. Now more than ever, successful control requires effective data management to analyze control data correctly, completely and rapidly, and respond quickly to changes. Business Intelligence and Data Management are central strategic assets in this regard.

      As experts for financial and risk management, we have experience and competence in the development and implementation of solutions to support your financial processes with an optimized BI and Data Management strategy. We accompany you from the concept to the implementation of the application environment. Our strength consists of transforming this conflict between business flexibility and stable processes into agile enterprise-wide data management. To achieve this, we adhere to a strict methodology: After developing a tailor-made functional concept, we examine the development processes of your business units and the associated IT to harmonize both aspects with the enterprise architecture.

      We implement new data management processes, structures and tools all the way through to the entire Business Intelligence platform. We also support you in the targeted use of modeling tools as well as in implementing modern master data solutions. We optimize your data management within the context of a holistic view of the data landscape and the provision of the meta-data that plays an important role. This applies to data quality management, impact and origin analysis (data lineage), or the integration of data in the right contexts to provide the best possible support for analysis and interpretation.

      We offer you competence and many years of experience with regard to all these issues.

      • Metadata management & data modeling (including SAP PowerDesigner, Enterprise Architect)
      • Databases (e.g. Oracle, SAP HANA, SAP BW)
      • Data quality (including SAP Information Steward, SAS DataFlux)
      • ETL (including SAP Data Services, Informatica, Oracle)
      • BI/Reporting (including MicroStrategy, SAP BusinessObjects, Oracle BI)

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