ifb‘s Financial Navigator changes the world of bank management

innovative, intuitively in real-time

You will perform compre-hensive projections into the future in real-time, and display the results immedi-ately, based on intuitive charts – even comfortably from your mobile device.

We are advising you on all aspects how to reach this goal in the most optimal way.

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Financial Navigator – a radically modern approach to bank management

You will perform compre-hensive projections into the future in real-time, and display the results immedi-ately, based on intuitive charts – even comfortably from your mobile device. 
Skyrocketing technological innovations such as in recent years enable IT-based business analyses and subsequent management and controlling that seemed not even feasible only recently. Consistent use of these innovations results - in many ways - in a completely new perspective towards bank management. With our "Financial Navigator" we are consequently taking this development into account.

Did you consider executing bank management in real-time, intuitively and from your mobile device?

You may have a long-held wish to be able to initiate complex calculations and review the results immediately and from the comfort of your mobile device. And you may be longing for the opportunity to apply modern methods such as those from Artificial Intelligence. These desires can now be fulfilled in a way that revolutionizes bank management.

What is the Financial Navigator?

The Financial Navigator is the result of ongoing development in dialogue with our clients.  It consists of an integrative economic and technological concept on how to conduct com-prehensive projections, calculations and analyses related to bank management in real-time with the use of cutting-edge IT. This concept is based on our deep knowledge of very different aspects:

  1. Profound knowledge in bank management and bank opera-tions;
  2. Configuration and customization of different dashboarding-solutions, to respond to client requirements in a most flexible way;
  3. Use of in-memory databases and distrib-uted computing as a prerequisite for real-time calculations;
  4. Methods, tools and pro-gramming libraries to apply state-of-the-art methods of Artificial Intelligence and Agent-Based-Modeling professionally

Our approach: We advise our clients on the way to the Financial Navigator.

With the Financial Navigator we have developed a comprehensive concept that takes into account all the aforementioned requirements. It includes a broad knowledge base in business-methodology and IT-expertise to bring this concept to fruition in very different client-individual contexts. In this way, we are in the best position to advise you thoroughly on how to realize modern bank management with the Financial Navigator, reflecting your very individual situation with regards to IT-architecture and methodology.   

Financial Navigator as the means towards consequent modern bank management.

With the Financial Navigator you will be enabled to realize modern bank management in the following sense:

  • Trigger calculations from a modern dashboard
  • Perform the calculation of entire portfolios in real-time
  • Immediate visibility of results in an intriguing dashboard
  • Use of a variety of state-of-the-art methods (e.g. ABM and AI)
  • Ability to choose between different methods per each calculation

Agent-based modeling (ABM) is a technique for modelling complex systems to gain a deeper understanding of how systems behave; ABMs simulate how all kinds of people, governments, regulators, corporations, banks, or markets interact with one other and how that interaction could cause specific things to happen to them and to the economy more broadly.

ifb have partnered with Simudyne, a simulation technology company. The partnership offers you state-of-the-art technology in combination with modern bank management and contemporary implementation approaches. Further information on ABM can be found here.

An exemplary scenario is the calculation and analysis of credit risk key figures for an entire portfolio (see conceptual overview diagram).

Ein exemplarisches Szenario ist die Berechnung und Analyse von Kreditrisikokennzahlen für ein komplettes Portfolio

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High flexibility implies different paths to realization.

Although we have programmed and implemented a fully functional version of the Finan-cial Navigator, we are geared towards realizing the Financial Navigator client-individually, and prepared to advise you on the way towards this goal:

  1. Adaption of your tool-preferences: With the Financial Navigator, we comply with your preferences towards tools. We have experience with very different dashboard-tools and know in which ways these tools can be integrated into a Financial Navigator. Depending on client requirements, we can realize the real-time calculations both via in-memory databases as well as on HADOOP-clusters. Both options only represent different variations in the implementation of a Financial Navigator.
  2. Adjusting to your preferences for computational methods: Throughout the devel-opment of the Financial Navigator, we have gained in-depth knowledge on how to apply powerful methods and libraries in different software packages (Python, R, SAS, SAP) to problems in bank management, e.g. in order to implement a variety of time series models or credit portfolio models.
  3. Embedding into your IT-architecture: With regards to our long-standing experience in business and IT architecture, we also offer profound consulting services on how to realize the Financial Navigator optimally within your IT architecture. 

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