Environment, Social & Governance (ESG)

Think Tank Sustainability: We get you in shape!

Our deliberately multidisciplined team of experts, helps you understand and assess opportunities and risks in the context of sustainability and integrate them into your data systems, management systems, and control loops.

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The Challenge

The Challenge

Seize opportunities, minimize risks

Never before has there been so much awareness of the impact of our actions on the environment and society worldwide. The climate movements and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the EU's Green Deal, and governments' Sustainable Finance strategies are setting binding sustainability targets - also in the financial sector. Financial service providers can no longer only distinguish themselves through financial key figures but must also disclose how they deal with sustainability aspects. The ESG criteria are the verifiable assessment basis in the dimensions of environment, social affairs and good governance. 

Active action here offers enormous opportunities to differentiate oneself from the competition. However, the integration of sustainability aspects into business models and decision-making processes is also mandatory under supervisory law, as the increasing number of regulations and requirements from a risk perspective makes clear. Thus, all financial service providers, from banks to insurance companies, must address the consequences of their actions and sustainability risks, with a comprehensive view of strategy, data, methods, and IT implementation, as well as management and disclosure.

The Team

The Team

The best minds from all disciplines for your transformation

The guard rails for aligning your business processes with the future topic of sustainability have been set. But the transformation needs a multidisciplined competence profile. Our Sustainability Think Tank brings together all the expertise: Banking and insurance industry experts, compliance specialists, experts in regulatory reporting, accounting, and modern technology solutions.

A team of the best and most experienced minds accompanies you pragmatically and according to your level of ambition on your sustainable transformation path. Our consulting approach is holistic and based on professional and technical leading best practices.

Our Services

Set the course for a sustainable future now!

We identify your individual requirements, perform the necessary analyses, develop optimal strategic approaches, and implement all measures for you, including measurement methods, reporting and IT-related implementation.

Our services cover your requirements holistically. These include:

  • Implementation of a position statement for ESG analysis and compliance
  • Develop ESG risk methodologies, stress testing and impact determination
  • Establishment of an ESG reporting framework for disclosure and reporting
  • Definition and implementation of a holistic ESG management concept
  • Solutions to your ESG data challenges - from data collection to a comprehensive data model and from data governance to a technical framework.

ESG Impact House for Banks

ESG Impact House for Insurances

The ESG Impact House illustrates our holistic approach. We cover your needs across all relevant areas of your company.

Why ifb?

Why ifb?

Excellent industry know-how in the banking and insurance sector - successful for over 30 years!

  • Scientifically based knowledge - trends, requirements, and regulations always in view
  • Interdisciplinary teams of consultants
  • Best practices defined with customers and a strong partner network, combined with strong technical, methodological and IT expertise
  • Individually adapted process model with our REFRAMETM consulting approach
  • Modular, standardized service components for individual, cost-effective solutions
Your Value

Your Value

  • Future-proof
  • Transparency in management and control 
  • Minimized risks, better performance
  • Regulatory compliance 
  • Pragmatic operationalization 
  • Integration of both business and technical perspectives

We support you in your transformation process!

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