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The Digital Journey of Banking and Insurance

Our book series „The Digital Journey of Banking and Insurance“ gives a comprehensive overview of different approaches for the right start and sustainable success of the digital journey. 
Already today, certain patterns are emerging for future providers of banking and insurance services. In many cases, there is consensus about these forecasts. The most exciting question in this context is: How do we move from our position today to an environment that allows the patterns to be implemented? 

The book series is giving answers, covering topics that span from long-term business issues and strategic considerations up to practical and technical subjects. It comprises three volumes, each with a distinctive thematical profile, together covering the “4 Ds” of an effective transformation of companies in the banking and insurance sector: Disruption, DNA, Digitalization and Data. 

Over the volumes, the angle shifts from a business-driven approach in Volume I, “Disruption and DNA,” to a strong technical focus in Volume III, “Data Storage, Data Processing and Data Analysis,” leaving the “Digitalization and Machine Learning Applications” to volume II with business and technical aspects in-between.

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Volume I | Disruption and DNA

Volume I focuses on change, examining the aspects staying stable in the banking and insurance market (outside view) on the one hand and the effects on accounting, risk. 
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Volume II | Digitalization and Machine Learning

Volume II mainly discusses use cases as well as the methods and technologies applied throughout the digital journey (e.g. processes, leverage of  computational power and machine learning models).
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Volume III | Data Storage, Data Processing and Data Analysis

Volume III then explores essential shifts in the handling of data.
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