We are curious to get to know you

Email us your application documents along with a cover letter. Indicate the job you are looking for or your field of experience and tell us a little about your motivation and goals for applying. This will help us learn more about you and assess your employment options. Are you interested in various positions or open to join any of the different specialty areas? No problem.

Apply now and we will find out together where you might fit in best, because we know sometimes people don’t fit a specific job description. We consciously avoid extensive application forms. Please send your application documents preferably as a word or pdf file to joinamericas(at)ifb-group.com and indicate in the subject line which position you are interested.

We conduct interviews as open dialogs to determine whether we might fit together. In the interview process, you will get to know colleagues from the specific business unit and speak with a representative from our human resources department. Your questions are always welcome - both beforehand and during the interview process.

We usually complete the hiring process in about six to eight weeks. To accommodate your situation as much as possible and with respect to the time and location of your interview partners and client needs, we are flexible with our interview location to help to get to know each other as soon as possible. Sometimes meetings are at a project site, but also at one of our attractive office locations to provide you with an initial impression of our own offices as well.

We know how much the world has been affected by the Covid 19 crisis and we want to assure you that we take a responsible approach to everyone's health. Therefore, we now offer job interviews by phone and video.