BW/4HANA Automated Metadata Integration in SAP PowerDesigner

ifb BAMI: Your data model always at a glance and up-to-date

The data model of an SAP BW/4HANA can be very extensive, includes hardly transparent dependencies, and is subject to permanent change. At the same time, it is often essential to have careful and up-to-date documentation of the data model at all times. This poses major challenges for many companies, because both the creation and the update of documentation are time consuming, tedious, and error prone.

Your lead with BAMI

Our solution transforms this complex operation into a simple and smooth process. With BAMI, you map the data model automatically in SAP PowerDesigner with just a few clicks. This allows you to use all the features of SAP PowerDesigner and apply them to the data model of your BW/4HANA. Easily create a change impact analysis for upcoming data model changes or a fit gap analysis to identify deviations from a target data model. Just as easily, you can use data lineage to visualize the path of data through the system and the interdependencies of BW objects.

We enable you to get up and running quickly by pre-configuring the solution on in-house systems.

Your Benefits

Your Benefits

  • Use SAP PowerDesigner to map your BW/4HANA data model.
  • Create a new or update an existing data model within seconds.
  • Avoid documentation errors with automated extraction of metadata from BW/4HANA in SAP PowerDesigner.
  • Keep the documentation of your data model always up-to-date and comprehensible.
  • Gain valuable insights about your BW/4HANA data model
    by performing analyses using the features provided by SAP PowerDesigner.
  • Influence future enhancements of BAMI
    by giving us feedback, which we take into account when implementing future enhancements.
Key Features

Key Features

  • Automated integration of BW/4HANA metadata into SAP PowerDesigner
    Using an RFC connection, the relevant metadata is extracted from BW/4HANA and used in SAP PowerDesigner to create a new data model or update an existing one.
  • Easy to use
    When launching the tool, you specify a root object - the top-level object of the data flow for which the metadata is to be extracted. All dependencies down the data flow are automatically detected in a recursive process.
  • Data Lineage
    Visualize the path of your data through the system and identify source and target object dependencies.
  • Change-Impact-Analysis
    Get a picture of the impact following an upcoming change to the data model to better estimate the induced effort.
  • Fit-Gap-Analysis
    Compare the current data model with your target data model to track implementation progress, or to identify and prioritize open areas for improvement.
Our Services

Our Services

  • Installation and individual customization of the solution at the customer's site.
  • Testing and commissioning of all functionalities.
  • Operational handover to the customer or continuous support of line operations.
  • Further development of the tool based on user feedback.
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