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Recent Posts


Deployment of IFRS 17 Accounting / Reporting System

IFRS 17 Standards have exposed insurers to a significant impact on their accounting and reporting landscape. This has given rise to process concerns by SAP users with the introduction of S/4HANA.

Written by Stefan Strube

RPA Use Case: Export ABACUS Reports

Business Units in Banking and Insurance often need to export reports. In this article you will learn, how RPA can simplify this export using the example of ABACUS 360 for regulatory reporting.


Risks of Social Engineering – and how to prevent it

Social Engineering take advantage of strong emotions, especially fear, and use them to create a sense of urgency to trick people. In this article you will read about the risks and possibilites to prevent it.


Passing Multi-Value Input Parameter From Graphical Calculation View to Table Function in SAP S/4 HANA

Scripted HANA calculation views are no longer standard in HANA 2.x. Instead, graphical calculation views and/or table functions should be used. Learn in this article, how to use a custom function to overcome this issue.